by Nikos Mourkogiannis

May, 2020

This period is a continuous exercise in Purpose led action; everyday we realize the value of doing good by doing well and by the same action. Maintaining physical distancing means we do not risk to send somebody to the hospital and therefore we might find a bed ourselves if we need it. Coronavirus taught us a lot of lessons as well some of which give me hope for the future:
  1. We realized that thinking in terms of “either… or” can be limiting. This pandemic did not just require physical distancing and solidarity, but it also necessitated global and national coordination; state intervention in the economy and competition for the production of tests, meds and vaccines. 
  2. Medical science is closing in on the virus. More than 3600 research papers were published on the topic in the last two months while many teams are trying to find reliable tests, meds, vaccines.
  3. Our internet is holding up! We are physically distant, but more connected than ever. The lock down would have been a tougher experience for most twenty or even ten years ago.
  4. We saw many young people going through their first crisis and demonstrating both self-discipline and solidarity towards others – especially older people.
  5. We understood which jobs are essential. We might admire a celebrity or a billionaire, but it is more likely that a nurse in intensive care will save our life.
  6. We appreciated the difference between what is just new and what is also real and, thus, our attention on what must be done has increased.
  7. We acknowledged that all 7.8 billion of us are not just spectators, but also actors; and that actions of each of us can eventually have life and death consequences for many among us.
  8. We accepted that more humility is badly warranted, because there are important things that we did not know, and we did not care to know.
  9. Coronavirus taught us already a lot of lessons that we can use in the future, when the threat will not be so clear.
The above are reasons that today give me hope for the future of humanity. What do you think? Can you give me reason number 10?    

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